Custom Timber Post & Beam, Trusses, & Woodwork

There are a couple of well known names in Park City if you're looking for custom timber and trusses; Euclid Timber Frames and Mountain Timber...

We chose Outlaw Timber & Woodwork.

What we thought.

We love wood, and we really love huge, perfectly constructed post and beam timber construction. So, when we were designing our house, we included a lot of custom timber and joinery. (I think that we have something like 60 vertical timber posts, 8 scissor trusses, and some number of magnificently huge beams that frame interior spaces and add a sense of scale while maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort.

What we learned.

If you're talking to your general contractor or architect, they'll either recommend that you use their framer to contain cost, or if you can afford it, that you go with either Mountain Timber or Euclid Timber Frames for higher quality custom work since they have more expertise and they cut and build in their workshops and only assemble on site. Since we have something like 60 posts alone and the timber and trusses is central to the house, we we looked at both of Euclid and Mountain Timber as potential vendors. 

What we did.

Great room timber & trusses from Outlaw.

Great room timber & trusses from Outlaw.

However, during the process of making the final decision, we came across Dustin DeWall at Outlaw Timber & Woodworking and we ultimately made the decision to go with Outlaw. There were a number of key factors in making this decision and we were leery at first about using a newer business, but we met for lunch with Dustin and he laid those concerns to rest pretty quickly. Dustin had worked and Euclid as a foreman, has a degree in Architectural Woodworking, and worked on everything from large commercial projects like the Sky Lodge and Grand Lodge in Park City. He was obviously deeply invested the the quality of the work that he wanted to do and guaranteed that we'd be completely satisfied.

We couldn't be happier with the work that Outlaw delivered. They've been fantastic and delivered work that has people stopping to take pictures all of the time. The joinery is incredibly tight and they've proactively solved every issue that has arisen (and they always do) with other contractors. 

Outlaw working on site on our deck trusses.

Outlaw working on site on our deck trusses.

If you're looking for custom timber framing created by master craftsmen and you don't contact Outlaw to get a quote you'll be kicking yourself later.