The Dustin Dewall Custom Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table

This beautiful custom black walnut live edge table was designed and built by Dustin Dewall of Outlaw Timber & Woodworking in Heber specifically for this house. This table is 10 feet long and close to 5'  at it's widest point. Guest love to touch it and I can't blame them. It's a real showpiece. 

The 10 foot dining room table.

Here's a couple of photos of the 10 foot long custom slab dining room table being sanded down and shaped. This table was hand crafted by Dustin Dewall at Outlaw (see recommended vendor section) who did a beautiful job.

And here it is in the great room before finishing.

The kitchen island dog house.

There's a little dog house in the big kitchen island! Here are some photos taken right after it was created. The kitchen islands and cabinetry were all done by Gabe at HCG (see recommended vendors).

Arizona Wood Tile - Over Creme in the laundry room

Here's the Arizona wood tile in the laundry room.

The newest wood pattern tiles are extraordinary and we're using them liberally in wet areas like the mud room, laundry room, showers and bathrooms where we don't want to use real wood.

2014-07-07 16.23.26.jpg

Here's the tile being laid in the laundry room. It's Arizona tile called Over Creme and it comes in kind of a brown feel (this one) as well as a kind of black and white look that we opted for in the mud room.

Arizona tile has been booming since they have the best looking and most dramatic wood tiles. Their success has led to a lot of innovation in this area and the other manufactures wood looking tile products are now getting a lot better. So, if the Arizona wood tile is out of your budget, take a look around and you'll certainly be able to find some good product.

Stucco colors for Park City & Heber

If you're using stucco in Park City or Heber, you'll already know that you're going to be using earth tones unless you really want to piss off your neighbors.

In general, I love the richly colored stucco that straddles the line and feels like it changes color depending upon the light. In direct sunlight you'll see it as a kind of rich brown, and in the evening or cooler lighting it actually starts to lean towards a cool greenish gray. Here are a few examples of stucco colors I took a look at:

The color we actually went with is not included among these samples... it's one that we made up in conjunction with our supplier (I actually spent an entire Saturday morning in the mixing lab doing tests with them.) and they've now added it to their sample cart as a default color.

One of the things that you'll want to know to achieve this effect is that you'll want a lot of pigment in the stucco.... in our case it has the maximum amount that can be safely added without running the risk of long term (10+ years) fading. The richer color and more pigment the more 'change' you'll get in differing lighting conditions.

If you look at the paint swatch in the last two images you'll see the color "cardboard" from Sherwin WIlliams. We started with that color (stucco colors are also created using matching technology so you can use any color to start) and bumped it up to 200% pigment.

Links to other color sites: medspas, clevermind, design, video marketing

Wood Floor Samples

Wood floors throughout.

Lots of wood flooring samples. We're leaning towards a grey-brown stain that isn't too rich and won't conflict with the timbers.

Dark floors are dramatic but show dust more. We're leaning towards distressed oak that's been wire brushed and has character.

Stone Samples

The house has a lot of stone.

We love high-quality stone work. Here are a few examples of the types of stone that we're looking at.. There are any number of less costly options but stone is one of the main features of the house and can really make or break the look and feel of a high quality home. We'll probably be using a combination of stones to get the effect and look we're going for... not the cheapest solution but the best.

The Timber Porte Cochere

The finished timber porte cochere is absolutely amazing. 

Porte-Cochere definition:

  1. :  a passageway through a building or screen wall designed to let vehicles pass from the street to an interior courtyard
  2. :  a roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway and sheltering those getting in or out of vehicles

(French: “coach door”) Passageway through a building, or gateway in an outer wall, designed to let vehicles pass from the street to an interior courtyard. Such gateways are common features of homes and palaces built in the grand style of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The term also applies to a roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway.

Installing the four-panel french front doors.

The front door is installed and it looks fantastic!

The front door will be covered and look out towards the porte cochere. It's actually a french door surrounded by same-size windows, so you'll be able to look directly through the door and out onto the deck (there are matching doors directly opposite that lead onto the deck).

Here are some photos of the the front door just after it's been installed.

View from outside the front of the house.

View from outside the front of the house.

View from from the deck.

View from from the deck.

You can also see some of the spaces where transom windows will go above both sets of doors.

The indoor-outdoor two-sided fireplace.

The giant inside-outside fireplace in the great room framed in.

The house will have a total of four Monessen fireplaces; great room/deck, family room, master bedroom, and downstairs master guest suite.

Looking at the fireplace from inside the great room.

Looking at the fireplace from inside the great room.

Here are some photos of the huge indoor-outdoor fireplace connecting the great room with part of the deck. To give some scale, this fireplace is 4ft across. When it's installed you'll be able to see through it and enjoy it from both sides.

Looking at the fireplace from the deck.

Looking at the fireplace from the deck.

Hand cut custom timbers & trusses.

When we were designing the house it became obvious that we were going to need some masterful craftsmen to construct the trusses and build the timber framing. After looking at some others we decided to go with Outlaw Timber & Woodworking and we're extremely happy with the result. 

Photos: Timber framing & trusses over the master bedroom.

As you can see from the photos of the timbers over the master bedroom dormer, the construction is absolutely amazing. The joints are rock solid and tight and the posts and beams fit together like a glove. It's absolutely beautiful and when you're standing on the deck you can't take your eyes off of them.. it almost makes the view secondary.

Standing in the corner of our lot.


Here's the house standing from the South-East corner of the lot in early April, The trusses over the deck have just been set and the framer's coming back to complete the roof.

There's going to be a lot of landscaping needed and we're going to have to move some earth to knock down the hill on the East side and open up the views from that side's guest bedroom. I've got some thoughts but we're going to really test our landscape architect.