Trade in your sales & marketing pea-shooter for a Bazooka.


We're putting together a one-of-a-kind business building program for contractors and vendors who want to get in front of builders and homeowners in Park City and Heber.

Most showcase homes just let you set a few business cards on a table somewhere that might result in a trickle of calls. Not us. We've built businesses that drive tens of millinos of dollars in sales and now we're building an ongoing marketing campaign to turn that marketing trickle into a fire fire hose. Video, mobile, web, tablet, signage, blogging, Facebook, downloads, custom sites, SEO, response forms and a host of other technology and business savvy make this a unique opportunity for those businesses that are savvy enough to take advantage of this opportunity. Become a Deerbridge Home Showcase Partner. 


Take a look at what we're doing!

This quickly growing site is part of a comprehensive promotional campaign for this "home as a business" is part of our marketing and sales campaigns.

We'll be adding additional partners far into the future and you'll benefit far after the Showcase of Homes as the content and readership grows.



Contractors & Vendors Pages

You'll get your own area on this site where we talk about why we chose you as a contractor or vendor, a photo gallery of your work, and a (completely truthful) testimonial about how you were to work with. This is a dedicate space on this site that will drive new prospects and clients and something that you can share with others to showcase your work and demonstrate your capabilities. 

See an example: Our hand cut timbers & trusses page (Outlaw Timber)

The Park City & Heber Homebuilder Blog

We're building a site for homeowners and builders in Park City and Heber who want to learn how we built this house, and who we endorse. We're posting articles, photos, and images to our blog regularly to discuss a wide variety of topics, and as a partner you'll be part of that conversation with images of your work and links to your pages. It's the perfect environment to get your business in front of exactly your target market who are already interested in what you do.

Visit the blog.

The Park City & Heber Custom Homebuilders Guide

When we publish the new Park City & Heber Custom Homebuilders Guide you'll be included in the resource guie and have a dedicated section to include information about your area of expertise... sponsored by your company and attributed to you, positioning yourself as an expert and getting your business in front of the buyers you're looking for.

Park City & Heber Showcase of Homes

The Deerbridge house will be included in the 2014 Park City & Heber Showcase of Homes. This event is expected to drive in-person tours of this home by more than 6,000 visitors including 350 builders, contractors, architects, and vendors. During the showcase we'll be promoting all of our partners and driving even more traffic to this site by showing videos, promotional giveaways, and sophisticated lead capture. This site ( will also be promoted throughout.

Integrated Facebook Marketing

All of our content is also included on a dedicated Facebook page and is promoted to every person who likes or subscribes to this content as well as all of their friends.  This puts your business front and center with exactly the types of homeowners and builders that you're looking for.

Visit the the Deerbridge House Facebook page.

Your Own Custom Business Website

Many contractors and vendors aren't taking advantage of technology. We can help.

For our top partners we'll also design and develop your own website that can include your own blog, calendaring, contact forms, photo galleries, contact info and pretty much anything else you might want.

Take a look at the site we built for our timber framing contractor Outlaw Timber.


Houzz Marketing

Yep, we're building out community on Houzz too... and we're tying it all together to get in front of your target market whether it's contractors, architects, builders, or homeowners.

“Houzz is the go-to source for high-end remodeling, interior design and products. It’s the perfect place for us to be.”

- David Masin, Masins Fine Furnishings