From decking to kitchen appliances to carpet to stone, here are the products we used and are happy to recommend.. and some that we can't.

We spent a lot of time and effort in looking at everything from kitchen counter tops to different kinds of stone to trying to decide on which faucets to put in each bathroom. We cruised review sites, sifted through consumer reports and online rankings, talked to friends and vendors, and ultimately made decisions that we're extremely happy with.

To the left are the products and vendors that we ultimately decided to go with and can recommend. Most of the 'decision making' process can be viewed in the 'how to' blog since that's pretty much a chronicle of those decisions.

We've also added some 'not recommended' and our reasons behind those. Opinions differ of course and you might find that what we're recommending doesn't quite jibe with what you're looking for. In that case please go with your gut.